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I'm Alexandra. My friends often shorten that to Alyx.

I have had cancer and the treatment for that made me extremely unwell and unable to eat a lot of the time because of the treatment side-effects.  

Helping you find something to eat when you are struggling to eat because of your cancer treatment side-effects is what I do now. I teach how you can change, modify and adapt the consistency of  food so it agrees with, and does not aggravate your side-effects – so you can nourish your body with vital nutrition.

I also help your friends and family with tips on how to 'keep it together' when the cancer word comes up. Yep, people can act really weird around friends with the big C. Plus they can say the most inappropriate things. It's about making everyone comfortable so you can continue to hang together during a really bad time.

What am I doing right now? When I'm not in the kitchen creating nutritious foods you will be able to eat, I am writing blogs,  posting articles and videoing about cancer and treatment-related malnutrition. All this is done under the watchful eye of my cat, Tam. Thanks for stopping by x

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Available for pre-order now!

Eating with cancer treatment side-effects is a nightmare. 

I know because I have been there!

Figuring out how you can change your food so you can take in vital nutrition is one struggle you just don't need. 

That's why I have done it for you.

Jelly Is Not Food contains over 100 recipes that have been adapted to help you eat despite your cancer treatment side-effects.

There are tips on how to change, adapt and modify the consistency of everyday foods - removing the guesswork and leaving you free to concentrate on your path to wellness.

Jelly Is Not Food is available for pre-order now.

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My gift for public speaking found me after my experience with cancer. My true passion is passing on my knowledge to help those in a similar situation. I give talks on cancer survivorship, maintaining relationships with friends & family when you have cancer, how to modify recipes to suit your treatment side-effects so you can eat & enjoy food again, and my own personal story too. I can inject humour into my talks and can connect with any audience. I have been known to emcee events as well.

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Cancer taught me a number of things - mostly that I could help others. 

When you are struggling with what to do and say to a friend with cancer - I can help you. 

When you have cancer and your friends are not behaving how you thought they would - I can help you. 

My articles, blog and ebook are about helping you become empowered and connected through knowledge.

Kee-moh Snacks


Kee-moh Snacks is a food and gift range. All Kee-moh Snacks products have been developed to help you eat when you are struggling to get nutrition in because of your treatment side-effects.

Kee-moh Snacks also develops recipes, giving those struggling to eat easy and nutritious meal options. We have a recipe book already with at least one other planned for this coming year.


Cancer Care Collective


Dedicated to a higher quality of caring. 

When your friend has cancer, you understand their world has been turned upside down. At Cancer Care Collective, we have taken our own experiences and connections with cancer to help you navigate life with a friend with cancer. You will find helpful tips on hints about how to talk to your friend with cancer, what they need & what you can do for them. Plus, we have a gift guide full of gifts that won't accidentally offend.


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Being able to eat when you have cancer treatment side-effects is a nightmare. My cookbooks are filled with recipes that you will be able to eat, despite of your side-effects.

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Friendships: The Hidden Victims of Cancer is for the friends and families of someone diagnosed with cancer. You will learn how to talk to and interact with someone with cancer so your relationship not only stays intact but flourishes.

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